Sister Sister: Alex’s Big Day!

Alex Wedding 1
Since I started makeup school in 2007, my big sister Alexandra has been my biggest fan. She constantly asks me for makeup advice, sits pretty while I use her face to practise, and recommends my work to everyone she knows. I have done her makeup too many times to count, and it was an unspoken agreement that my gift to her on her wedding day would be my services.

The big day was on May 25, 2013 which we sufficiently prepared for with two trials (side note – when hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day, always book a trial beforehand! Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life and you will want to ensure you have booked a makeup artist who will give you what you want and make you feel comfortable on your big day).

Trial #1 was a dark, smokey and sexy look. While she looked beautiful of course, we felt it was too much for a summery outdoor wedding.
alex trial1

alex trial

Trial #2 was a golden, shimmery and bright look fit for a goddess! It made Alex’s blue eyes pop so we knew it was a keeper!

I was also her Maid of Honor, which I thought would be incredibly hectic and stressful combined with being the makeup artist, but it wasn’t. It was relaxing, fun, and so rewarding to see my big sister looking so beautiful and happy.

Take a look at some photos from the big day below (which were taken by Sarah Seinen of Starseed Photography, who is an incredible photographer with such great vision. I would recommend her to anyone in the Edmonton area!)
Alex Wedding 2
Alex Wedding 3
Alex Wedding 4