Things that go bump in the night!

Those who know me know that I am a nut for Halloween. It is my all time favourite holiday (while I know some will debate calling Halloween a holiday), and I start planning my next year’s costume while I’m still finalizing my details for this years. It’s odd that I am as crazy about Halloween as I am because I am also the biggest baby you will ever meet. I just cannot handle scary movies – I saw Scream when I was about 10 years old and I swear I slept in my Mom’s bed for a straight year after that. I made a promise to myself after watching Scream that I would never watch a horror movie again, and I haven’t!

While I prefer to work strictly beauty and bridal makeup, I did complete a full year makeup diploma program in which I learned all about special effects makeup and prosthetics. While it was fun and I enjoyed it, I did not feel the same passion for it as I felt for making someone look and feel their best. While I’m terrified of blood, guts and gore and cover my eyes in the scary parts of movies, I can also really respect and admire the amount of work and talent that goes into making those movies so realistic and horrific.

Here is an example of special effects makeup I did while I was in school (aging and wound). Pretty gross!

So that you can really comprehend my love for Halloween, here is a picture of my best friend Elyse in which I dolled her up as a sugar skull for a HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN PARTY (seriously). I love the way it turned out, and I am really proud of it!

Here we are done up as Chola’s for another year of the Halfway to Halloween Party. It’s all about black eyebrows looking like they were drawn on with sharpie and pale pink lips with dark brown lip liner. I love the Chola look way too much and had so much fun done up as one! Special thanks to my boyfriend who gave us these pretty sweet fake tattoos using my alcohol paints!
2013-05-11 21.17.42Chola

For Halloween 2011, my bestie Odette and I headed to Vegas to rip it up! We celebrated Halloween on two of the nights we were there and it was just beyond. The first night I was the Queen of Hearts and Odette was a lumberjack, and the second night I was a Plastic Surgery Princess (think Paris Hilton with a ton of plastic surgery) and Odette was Storm from X-Men. I loved my Plastic Surgery Princess costume! It was all homemade and came together with help from my Mom, Elyse and Elyse’s Mom. Thank goodness for talented and creative women!

For Halloween 2012, I went as Mario and said “It’s a me, Mario!” all night long. I can’t imagine that was annoying for anyone. For 2013 my boyfriend and I are planning to go as rockabilly Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, so stay tuned for pictures!