Who is Makeup by Gillian ML?


I can remember being about 6 years old, picking up some essentials at Shoppers Drug Mart with my sister and mom. I must have walked away from my family (sorry mom!) and found my way to the makeup section. I remember finding a bottle of foundation, thinking it was hand lotion. I poured this “hand lotion” all over my hands and arms and rubbed it in, and was shocked by how beautiful and flawless they looked. I found my way back to my family and exclaimed “look how pretty!”, which resulted in hysterics from my mom and sister. While I don’t remember much from my childhood, this memory is a flashing neon sign for me. It was my first experience with makeup – I was hooked!

A lifetime beauty junkie, I honed my love for makeup and beauty and obtained my Makeup Artistry Diploma in 2008 from the prestigious Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, BC. After spending years doing makeup, including working in television, I realized my passion for bringing out the inner beauty in every woman. Your makeup session with me will make you feel confident, sexy and undeniably beautiful!

Contact Me
Email: makeupbygillianml@gmail.com
Facebook: Makeup by Gillian ML


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